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Nicolás Andrés Löffler-Pérez

“One of the best ways that I’ve realized that you can make progress is through seeing your life by using someone else’s perspective.”

Whiting School of Engineering

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, PhD 2019

Data Scientist at Swissmedic

Nicolás‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how Nicolás unexpectedly discovered the field of biomedical engineering after pursuing a degree a physics in Chile, how he leveraged both his network and his multidisciplinary background to find a career that combines his diverse interests and expertise as a data scientist at Swissmedic, and his take on the power of intentionally seeking out new connections and learning from their diverse perspectives and experiences.

Learn More About Nicolás‘s Story

December 2000. I was 10 and studying in a small suburban school with great grades but no challenges, and my parents suggested applying to Instituto Nacional, the oldest school in the country and the most respected public school. I was accepted, and for 6 years I learnt what it was like to be an average student. The school was full of talented people, most coming from humble families throughout the country. It made me humble, and it forced me to work hard. Fast forward to December 2007: about 25 of roughly 600 students had gotten the highest possible score in the national test. The newspapers came for interviews and they shot that picture: the future of Chile. It was one of the happiest weeks of my life; I could finally start my own journey. 17 years later and I am still humbled by the wonderful work done by those teachers.

June 2016 Federal Hill. During the third year of my PhD, I met Theresa Löffler who would 6 years later become my wife. Being at Hopkins has become, in my eyes, a cornerstone of what my life has turned out to be: I became the professional that I am today, and I met a myriad of incredible people from all backgrounds. Theresa, the most amazing of them all, helped me navigate the storms of a PhD and the self-doubt, as well as to find strength when I felt I had none left. I am thankful for all the many ways in which Hopkins changed my life, and above everything for the incredible people I got the chance to meet.