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Remy Washington

“I’ve learned to be much more dependent on a network of experts in a way that I think that had I not gone to Hopkins I probably would exist in more of my smaller bubble.”

School of Education

Education, EdD 2019

President at Uplift Education

Remy‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how Remy discovered her love of teaching and what inspired her to pursue a doctorate in education, the different ways the approaches she learned and the network she formed during her doctoral training show up in her work today as the President at Uplift Education, and her take on the importance of being adaptive and willing to try new solutions when facing challenges.

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Courage. When I turned 33, it was the first big leap I took by leaving the city of Chicago—my home for 33 years. I had the privilege of teaching and leading at the high school I attended as a teenager. I had come full circle; I got to give back to a school that gave me so much. When I left Morgan Park High School, I experienced mixed emotions. I was sad because I worked alongside peer alums, lifelong friends, former teachers, and mentors. I knew that I would miss them all dearly. However, on the other hand, I was also very excited to experience school leadership in a new city. I knew I would have to earn my stripes, work hard, and give my best to the students at Uplift Education. Leaving Morgan Park was one of the boldest steps that I have taken in my life.

Persistence. It was another leap into the unknown when I decided to earn my doctoral degree. I knew very little about what the experience would hold. It was one of the most challenging academic experiences I’ve had. However, through working alongside my peers and with the support of my advisors, I completed the program within three and a half years while working my full-time job as a principal manager at Uplift Education.

I not only investigated my problem of practice, but I learned that I am tougher than I thought and willing to go for what I want at all costs. There were many sacrifices I had to make to earn my doctorate. However, most of the sacrifices were worth it in the end because I got to share this day with my family and friends