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Sabina Henneberg

“One thing about my experience is that it was pretty haphazard and disjointed. There was not a clear trajectory after I finished my PhD, and I didn’t really expect that.”

School of Advanced International Studies

African Studies, PhD 2017

Fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Sabina‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how Sabina’s work experience in North Africa inspired her to pursue her PhD in African Studies after having completed her master’s degree at SAIS, the different factors that influenced how she approached making decisions about her career, and her advice about the importance of connecting with peers during graduate school.

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These two images were taken within one month of each other, in late 2020 and early 2021. The first shows me holding a copy of my book, Managing Transition, which is based on my dissertation. The second is from moments after my daughter, Marie, was born. The fact that these two events occurred so close together reflects the challenges many aspiring professionals – particularly women – face as they try to balance career and family goals. Frequently it seems hard if not impossible to focus uniquely on one pursuit, always requiring tradeoffs. In my case, with both events happening amidst a pandemic, it became impossible to separate each of these accomplishments and their accompanying challenges from other aspects of life.