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Scott McClure

“If you don’t give up time, people can’t take it. But if you do, they will.”

Bloomberg School of Public Health

Epidemiology, PhD 2019

Assistant Professor of Public Health at Shenandoah University

Scott‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss how an interest in food and a career as a product development food scientist unexpectedly led Scott to pursue a PhD in nutritional epidemiology, how he combines his different interests and experiences in his current research, teaching, and collaborative work on food insecurity, and his take on the importance of picking achievable goals, always trying to do more than zero, and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Learn More About Scott‘s Story

These are some of the last products I worked on before I left my first career as a product development food scientist. My passion for food has been a driving force throughout my career, but since my entry into public health I like to think about these when I’m wondering if what I doing is really helping the people I’m aiming to serve with my work (and not simply figuring out how to get more sugar to stick to almonds).

This is a snapshot from a recent site visit with collaborators from Yarmouk University in Jordan. We are working together on a variety of research aimed at reaching the UN Sustainability Goal of “Zero Hunger.” This work has helped me understand just how right my choice to come to JHSPH was, and how I didn’t need to abandon my passion for food to do meaningful work.