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Trevor Ellison

“I was always impressed with a profession that was kind of dedicated to just helping people at their lowest or worst times. You know, there’s nothing more important than your health.”

Bloomberg School of Public Health

Health Economics & Health Policy, PhD 2015

Cardiothoracic Surgery Director at Genesis Healthcare

Trevor‘s Podcast Episode

In this episode, we discuss what inspired Trevor to pursue both a PhD and an MBA during his medical degree training at Johns Hopkins, his take on the importance of leading by example and centering kindness when working with colleagues, and his advice for those who want to work in the medical field.

Learn More About Trevor’s Story

This picture is of my family celebrating the opening night of one of my son’s plays (“Newsies”). Most of my major life decisions have revolved around how we can be together as a family and support each other in all of our activities.

This picture is of me operating with Dr. Joseph Bavaria at the University of Pennsylvania. This is important as a reminder that I have had the great opportunity to have been surrounded by so many fantastic mentors and that their teachings continue to guide me on my journey.