Our 8-week internship program connects talented PhD students from Johns Hopkins University with top industry partners for hands-on, real-world experience.

With flexible schedules and opportunities for on-site, hybrid, or remote work, Propel offers a hassle-free and rewarding experience for both students and employers.


Hiring a PhD student through Hopkins Propel is a great opportunity for our company partners to benefit from exceptionally talented Johns Hopkins trained students.

How does the program work?

The university pays the student their agreed upon stipend and benefits while they participate in the internship, rather than the company.

What is the process of participating?

Once employers agree to participate, they will create a position overview for the 8-week internship outlining the main responsibilities of the position. The PHutures office will help coordinate all advertising, applications, interviews, and offers to create a streamlined process for the company.

What makes a good internship?

Internships that receive the most applications are those which allow students to gain hands on experience working with meaningful projects. Positions that are heavily administrative typically are not suited for this program and may not receive student interest.

What is the intern schedule?

Schedule flexibility is largely up to the company or organization. Interns should typically work 30-40 hours a week during regular business hours. These positions can be on-site, hybrid, or remote. If your position will ask the intern to work any nights or weekends, we ask that this information be outlined up front in your position description.


An internship through Hopkins Propel is a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on industry experience in areas you may or may not have previously considered or explored.

How do I participate?

Students who wish to participate should first have a conversation with their advisor to confirm they can participate in a full-time internship between June 5 and July 28. Advisors will be required to sign off on student participation.

Once you’ve received clearance to pursue an internship, you will have the opportunity to apply to one or many of the internships listed in the program.

Can international students participate?

Since these internships are considered on-campus employment, international KSAS students may be able to participate, but should first contact the Office of International Services (OIS), to ensure that pursuing an internship will not affect their visa status.

What happens to my stipend and benefits during the internship?

Students who are on a stipend/benefit package through JHU will continue to receive this with no interruption.

What if I no longer receive a stipend/benefit package from JHU?

Students who have exhausted their funding package from JHU but wish to participate in the program should contact Tyler Sluder (tsluder1@jhu.edu) to discuss things further.

What if my internship is outside of Baltimore/DC?

If on-site internships are available in places that require a temporary relocation, the Hopkins Propel program will provide you with a cost of living stipend in addition to your JHU stipend and benefits to assist with those costs. This funding is offered on a case by case basis.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please contact Tyler Sluder at tsluder1@jhu.edu

I wanted to let you know some good news: I received an offer for a full-time position from the team at Census that I worked with over the summer, and I’ll be starting work next week (and then defending my dissertation the following week — it’ll be a whirlwind start to February!).

I am extremely grateful to you and the PhD internship program for making this possible! The position is in a field that I wouldn’t have known about without the program, and it feels like a huge relief to have a next step lined up post-PhD where I know I’ll be doing interesting work alongside a great team. I’ve been recommending the internship program to other people I know in the History department.