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Welcome to the Career Resource Hub, your one-stop destination for career development as a PhD or Postdoc. Dive into resources spanning from industry transition and funding opportunities to networking and work-life balance. Explore, learn, and grow at your pace in this space built for you. Here’s to your success

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Values Exploration, Skills Assessment, Interest Identification, Career Alignment, Personal Mission

Building Expertise, Personal Branding, Online Presence, Consistent Messaging, Professional Etiquette

Resume/CV Writing, Crafting Cover Letters, Interview Techniques, Portfolio Development, Follow-Up Strategies

Job Search Strategies, Career Options, Industry Transition, Role Analysis, Success Stories

Networking Strategies, Building Relationships, Online Networking, Event Etiquette, Nurturing Contacts

Future Skills, Job Market Trends, Continuous Learning, Personal Development, Career Longevity

Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, Career Navigation, Change Management, Career Milestones

Finding Funding, Grant Writing, Fellowship Opportunities, Scholarship Applications, Proposal Tips

Cultural Nuances, Visa/Work Permit Info, International Opportunities, Cross-cultural Communication, Global Networking

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