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Meet Marta

Marta is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Chemistry at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Working as a member of the Kempa Lab, Marta’s research focuses on developing solution-phase synthetic methods that utilize porous ionic solids as precursors to form complex nanomaterials. Within the chemistry department, Marta has served as a ChemDNA mentor for the last three years, helping advise members of incoming classes of graduate students. She is also a member of the Chemistry Student Safety Committee and previously served as Committee Chair.

Outside of the department, Marta is an Operations Associate with Hire Hopkins, where she helps apply data-driven approaches to plan and execute hiring initiatives for students across all nine JHU schools. Marta is also an Employer Engagement Fellow with the PHutures office, helping with employer-facing operations and communications and creating opportunities for JHU students to connect with employers across a range of industries.

Marta has also served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Johns Hopkins Product Management Club. She is third-year member of the Horizons by Hopkins Conference Planning Committee, and also served as a mentor for the 2022 inaugural “Empower Your Pitch” competition at JHU and judge for last year’s first round of the competition.