Explore and grow in JHU Life Long Learning

Learning doesn’t always happen in school or in a classroom. Learning is a life-long process, and Johns Hopkins is here to encourage all those, who feel passion for expanding their horizons, to join the off-school learning process.

To help you reach your personal development goals, JHU presents three unique resources to learn away from the classroom:

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences presents Odyssey: Non-credit Liberal Arts Programs for Adults

There you can enrich your knowledge about arts and humanities, music, music, cinema, and the performing arts, science and nature, writing and communications, photography, film, and digital Arts

Hopkins At Home

Hopkins At Home gives you access to lectures, courses, libraries and JHU@TED

JHU Alumni Association presents JHU Lifelong Learning

JHU Lifelong Learning is home to a myriad of resources that are split by Hopkins schools like online programs, classes, non-degree programs, library access and many more!

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