Hire Hopkins | April 2024

A Message From Our Director

Dear reader,

The older I get, the better I get. And that’s a wonderful feeling. But there’s a dark side.

The downside of becoming an expert, of becoming competent, of getting good at something, is just that. I form deeply engrained habits, and pathways of knowing.

And while it certainly makes me more competent at my job, it can also contribute to a certain inflexibility. Does any of this this sound familiar? 

  • You’re talking to someone, they’re about to say something, and you’ve already jumped to the conclusion you think they’ll make
  • Someone says “no” and you find yourself getting angry or vehement 
  • A colleague or partner doesn’t seem to be supportive or helpful and you’ve already assumed they don’t care or don’t want to help you. 

The antidote to all of this is the thing that made you an expert in the first place: curiosity.

Because the tangle of reasons in our head as to why something might not be working. or why someone is saying no, or why we’re not getting the response we want is very possibly incorrect.

Can we step outside of our reasons for a minute and get curious?

Vibha writes about this on our blog this month with a recruiting twist. Hiring managers, you are experts of your company, your domain, and you industry. Please don’t assume your job applicants know the rules of success. Show them: transparently, kindly, and patiently. It will go a long way, for both of you.



Alia Poonawala

Executive Director @ Hire Hopkins

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By Chloe Donelan
Chloe Donelan