Seasons Greetings! What Our Students are Thankful For at Work

As the cold nights begin to fill with warmth of celebration, and the holiday lights overtake the streetlights, we can’t help but feel the holiday spirit. There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than to take a step back and remember what we’re thankful for in our lives. At Hire Hopkins, we took this as an opportunity to reach out to some of our students across several of Johns Hopkins’s campuses to ask them “What about your job, internship, or general place of work are you most thankful and/or grateful for?”

Student Responses:

“One thing I love about my research team is the research coordinators are always looking for ways for me to grow. They were always trying to make sure they diversified my projects so that I was working on multiple different kind of projects. They also made it a point to plug us in with educational opportunities whenever they could. I have access to all kinds of meetings that I can sit in on as an observer and it’s really allowed me to be a fly on the wall for some cool conversations.”

Jayla Scott (Johns Hopkins Hematology Department)

“I am an intern at Thread, inc. on the Interconnection Team. I like my job because I get to interact with volunteers regularly, while also working on the backend to support their journey. This place is special because everyone works together to facilitate a supportive environment in which everyone is encouraged to grow.”

Indira Summerville (Thread)

“I like that my job tries to cultivate my professional skills; they help with resumes and cover letters and professional options after undergrad. I wish I had had this job in my earlier undergraduate years because it would’ve fast tracked my professional development.”

Christal Oji (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab)

“I’m a student worker at Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project and my favorite thing about my job is how caring and personable my boss is with her employees. She pays attention to when we say we have exams and is sure to always follow up, and she’s good at making sure we have a great work environment.”

Ameerah Bello (Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project)

“I’ve been working with Baltimore Youth Film Arts since my freshman year, and I absolutely love that it offers film, photography, and other related workshops to the Baltimore community. I love that I get to work with my team on the behind the sceneswhen it comes to programming and logistics while also getting to interact with Baltimore community. As someone who’s grown up in Baltimore for my whole life, I understand how important it is to have access to resources and instructors who not only invest in your development but allow you to hone in on your own artistic voice and skills.”

Michelle Mokaya (Baltimore Youth Film Arts)

“I enjoy my job because we get to directly assist people who are facing obstacles in the Baltimore community. I particularly like the team that I am working on because they have taught me how to advocate for others. I love that everyday we’re working harder to make resources available that would otherwise not be.”

Derin Adeleke (Thread)

 “I am grateful for the opportunity from the Healthy Aging Studies at Bayview Clinic to positively impact older adults over the age of 75. I am thankful for the growth seen in vaccine uptake, especially within the underrepresented populations in the Baltimore community!”

Aderinsola Badewa (Bayview Clinic)

In the same spirit, we also want to reflect! Join us and look back on our student’s answers to questions such as Why [Not] Us? Top Reasons Our Students Accepted Or Rejected Internship Offers and Job Descriptions 101: How to Capture the Eye of a Hopkins Applicant. In these, we can see that our students tend to most appreciate jobs and opportunities that both further their personal and professional growth and development. The current generation of Hopkins talent looks for and loves most work opportunities that allow all of themselves to shine through.

Images by Lavanya Gupta

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya