University Experiential Learning Outstanding Achiever/Practitioner Awards

The University Experiential Learning hosted a week full of appreciative events for student employees across JHU partnering with divisional teams to celebrate all student employees for National Student Employee Appreciation Week. The week included a recognition and award ceremony at the Glass Pavilion and livestreamed through the Imagine YouTube channel.

We had a RECORD number of nominations that included 31 undergraduate students, 55 graduate students, and 33 supervisors. The student nominees for University Experiential Learning Outstanding Achiever Award (Undergraduate and Graduate) and the supervisors for the University Experiential Learning Outstanding Practitioner Award were awarded a plaque and the UEL pin.

The winners: Kinsey Thorpe, Nabila Ali, and Dr. Roshni Rao, were announced during the ceremony.

Undergraduate University Experiential Learning Outstanding Achiever Award

Kinsey Thorpe, Undergraduate Assistant for Stewardship and Donor Engagement (Development and Alumni Relations) with University Administration, nominated by Luise Lampe.

“Kinsey approaches each unique task with curiosity and eagerness to familiarize herself with the field of development. Kinsey’s steadfast dedication has demonstrated her deep understanding of the importance of philanthropy. Her poise, outstanding communication skills, and genuine way of connecting with people are just a few of her admirable qualities.”

Graduate University Experiential Learning Outstanding Achiever Award

Nabila Ali, Research Assistant at the School of Medicine, nominated by Mark Shelhamer

“Nabila is able to take on new tasks independently and ask for help when needed. She also participates in projects to which she is not directly assigned, helping other students and serving as a test subject. Her work…has not only relieved me of a great burden (as I can depend on the quality and timeliness of her work) [it] also helps take it in new directions. She has clearly demonstrated the perseverance, initiative, mental ability, and good humor needed to be successful in advanced work.”

University Experiential Learning Outstanding Practitioner Award

Dr. Roshni Rao, Executive Director, PHutures, under the Office of the Provost, nominated by Marta Sliwa.

“Roshni can easily be compared to a tree, with roots that allow her to act as a nurturing strength for so many who encounter her branches. She has changed the way graduate and postdoctoral students think about their graduate education, the career paths that are open to them, and their relationships with peers and mentors.”

People’s Choice Awards

The week also included a social media campaign to allow nominees another layer of recognition through the website where the Hopkins Community could view headshots and direct quotes from their nomination letters. The UEL Student Team managed the project from start to finish and successfully named Malaika Voyou and Tianyu Cao as the winners with over 1,800 unique voters.

Malaika Voyou – Undergraduate

Tianyu Cao – Graduate

Following the ceremony, attendees had the opportunity to visit and network with divisional leadership from all schools while enjoying refreshments.

To view pictures of all 2022-2023 nominees, click here.

By Arjun Yogaratnam
Arjun Yogaratnam