InBaltimore Internship Program- Reflections on My Engineering Internship at Coaptech: A Journey of Learning and Growth by Resham Talwar

As I wake up each morning, thrilled to go to work, learn something new, and contribute meaningfully as a Coaptech intern, I find myself filled with gratitude for the incredible opportunity and valuable experiences I have gained during my time here. Working as an engineering intern at Coaptech has been an eye-opening and rewarding experience that has shaped not only my technical skills but also my professional growth. In this blog post, I would like to share my reflections on my journey as an engineering intern at Coaptech and how it has impacted my career aspirations. 

1. Immersive Learning Environment: From the very first day of my internship, I was welcomed into a collaborative and dynamic work environment at Coaptech. A culture of creativity, intellectual curiosity, and knowledge-sharing was fostered by the engineering team since Day 1. I was always encouraged to seek advice, ask questions, and take an active part in projects even when I was working on gaining a deeper understanding of the company’s work. At Coaptech, I could apply the concepts that I acquired in college to realistic engineering issues due to their practical and hands on approach. I received all the instruction and understanding I needed, and I was encouraged to handle any difficulty at hand with the guidance of a trusted instructor. This really boosted my confidence. My time at work was really gratifying, and I am thankful for the chance to make a significant impact on the world around me.   

2. Impactful Projects with New Learnings: One of the most exciting aspects of my internship at Coaptech was the opportunity to work on challenging projects that had a direct impact on the company’s mission, and I could see this with my own eyes. I was involved in shaping the future of Coaptech’s line of revolutionary medical devices that aimed to raise the bar for surgical procedures held presently. The trust and responsibility placed on me pushed me to constantly learn and deliver my best work, all while knowing that if I ever faltered, I could seek my mentors for guidance. This made the learning environment very safe and the learning process very fun. Being part of projects from ideation to execution helped me understand the product development lifecycle and the importance of collaboration across cross-functional teams. 

 3. Supportive Mentorship: Throughout my internship, I was fortunate to have the guidance of experienced engineers who acted as mentors. I cannot envision writing a post about my experience without mentioning that my experience was shaped and constantly molded by my mentors’ expertise, and I am grateful to have their support at each step. They provided valuable insights, patiently answered my queries, and shared their industry expertise. Their guidance helped me navigate complex technical problems and refine my problem-solving skills. The feedback I received from my mentors was instrumental in shaping my growth as an engineer and bolstering my confidence. My mentors truly welcomed me to Coaptech wholeheartedly and they were always there to encourage and support me. They provided me the flexibility to navigate my own path, while illuminating the path that lay ahead of me.  

4. Collaboration and Teamwork: Coaptech fostered a culture of collaboration and teamwork, which made me feel like an integral part of the organization even as a college intern. Very few people have the chance to talk to CEOs and senior management of their respective companies- I was among the most fortunate ones. The sense of belonging that every member of the team had about the company was inspiring as well as very infectious. Every team member cared about the company’s mission greatly, and everyone worked hard together to fulfill common goals regardless of expertise. Every system in the company- from version control to training and supply management- was very well organized and tracked efficiently. I had the opportunity to work closely with professionals from various departments, including engineering, clinicians, and senior management. This multidisciplinary exposure allowed me to broaden my perspective and understand the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration in achieving common goals.  

5. Professional Development Opportunities: Coaptech actively supported my professional development throughout my internship. I was encouraged to attend technical workshops and enhance my hard skills in drawing, manufacturing, and risk management. I enhanced my knowledge and expanded my understanding of how a medical devices company can develop and sell products that impact patient healthcare in a variety of profound ways. One learning that stood out to me was that of material traceability- I learnt how important it was to have accountable suppliers with proper certifications, to follow up timely, and to keep databases updated. The company also organized regular brainstorming sessions where experts from different teams, from engineering to clinicians, discussed strategies to eliminate any potential risks that the product may face in the future. These initiatives helped me understand how revered experts think, and how they mitigate challenges, further boosting my enthusiasm for lifelong learning. 

Overall, my engineering internship at Coaptech has undoubtedly been an enriching and transformative experience. The opportunity to work alongside talented professionals, tackle challenging projects, and contribute to the development of innovative medical devices has left a lasting impact on my career aspirations. The skills and knowledge I have gained during this internship have equipped me with a solid foundation to pursue a successful career in engineering. I am incredibly grateful to the Coaptech team for providing me with such a supportive and stimulating environment, and I look forward to applying the lessons learned during this internship to future endeavors. I am indebted to the Hopkins Life Design Lab team for providing me with this incredible opportunity and supporting my time at Coaptech by providing me with the required knowledge and resources. 

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