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A Message From Our Director

Dear reader,

When I’m cranky or in a longer-than-usual bad mood, my coach taught me to “bring it back to the basics.” As a result, I go through a mental checklist of: am I hungry, tired, or physically uncomfortable? And then I figure out how to remedy that.

It’s surprising how often taking care of my basic needs makes the world seem right again (and here I was replaying an existential worry in my head for the 30th time…)

We do a similar process with our hiring partners when they tell us their jobs aren’t garnering a lot of applicants. We go back to the basics… the job description. After a couple of years of looking at JD’s we’ve identified some key things (that might seem obvious or basic) but you’d be surprised how many companies forget to include them…(just like we forget to pack that darn granola bar!)

So in that vein, here’s a JD guide we put together. It’s simple and I bet you there’s still something you could take from it. Your JD is sometimes your very first impression to a student. Make it count!



P.S. Don’t worry- you haven’t missed the DEI Collective. We’re live here! The program has evolved from last year and we’re now offering a free 1-hr training with evidence-based best practices for inclusive hiring. You don’t want to miss it.

Alia Poonawala

Executive Director @ Hire Hopkins

Connect with me on LinkedIn | hirehopkins@jhu.edu

Our Team

Emma O’Rourke Powell (Associate Director)

Cris Vidal (Program Lead)

Discover the seven key components that can help you write job descriptions that attract the best candidates and foster a more inclusive workplace. From clear job titles and salary transparency to inclusive language and perks that speak to prospective employees, these strategies are sure to boost the effectiveness of your hiring process. Dive in to create job descriptions that truly stand out and make a positive impact on your recruitment efforts!

“Recently, I’ve seen an increase of job descriptions with an added note along the lines of “We know that no candidate is perfect. We encourage you to apply if you have a genuine interest in the role.” These notes can influence many candidates from diverse pools and backgrounds, with many transferable skills, to apply for the position. I wish all job descriptions had this note.”

Rebecca Aman

Senior Associate Director

School of Advanced International Studies

“Two of the best ways to interact with students are to host an in-person event where students can ask them questions and network with them, and second would be to host one-on-one coffee chats, either virtual or in-person. We’ve found the students show up the most when they feel they have an opportunity to connect with someone and not just put in their resume.”

Tyler Sluder

Associate Director, Employer Engagement and Experiential Learning


“Carey Business School students are actively pursuing summer 2024 internships. Please connect with our Employer Relations team directly or via Carey_Hire@jh.edu to obtain a resume book or schedule an engagement opportunity to build your brand and meet our business school talent. You’ll also be able to meet our MBA students at our MBA Corporate Networking Breakfast on December 1, 2023; registration will be available soon.”

Corinne Brassfield

Director, Employer Relations

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

According to research from NACE “Authenticity plays a key role in whether students accept a job offer—and stick with it” Read more about what makes students accept/renege on job offers.

DEI Collective 4.0

The DEI Collective at Johns Hopkins University is a national award-winning diversity training & hiring program that we launched in 2020.   We work in partnership with the world’s leading companies, non-profits, and research institutions who are committed to increasing the representation of students from historically marginalized groups in their organization.

U.S. Government and National Security Career Fair – School of Advanced International Studies

Friday, October 27 from 12:00-3:00 pm Join the School of Advanced International Studies at their new DC Campus (555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001) and connect with their talented graduate students. Reach out to Julie Nussdorfer to participate jnussdor@jhu.edu.

Data-Driven Careers Fair

November 3rd: 2-5pm

Are you a company looking for students in the following areas: data analytics, data science, machine learning/AI, quantitative/financial analytics, or project/product/program management? We’re hosting this virtual fair to help employers connect with undergraduate and master-level talent in these areas. You do not need to be hiring to attend! Register here for the completely free event.

Peabody Internship Pathways – new program launching in Fall 2023! 

Are you an employer looking for creative talent?

Partner with the Peabody Institute to create internships within your organization. Internships can encompass work related to administration, teaching, production, and more.

2023-2024 internships will be posted August 2023. Employers interested in learning more about the program can contact LAUNCHPad at launchpad@jhu.edu or visit our site here.

Showcase your company @ our Industry Weeks

Please see the list of options below and fill out the following form if you are interested in getting special attention from our undergrad + masters students.

1) Fall Industry Weeks

  • Biotech: Oct 23-27
  • Data and Analytics: Oct 30-Nov 3
  • International Career Summit: Nov 6-10

2) Employer Site Visits

3) Social Responsibility Trips

Your Turn to Intern

Calling employers who have an internship open through November 5th and are willing to interview November 14-17. 

Your Turn to Intern is an internship readiness program for ~200 undergraduate students. Through this virtual hiring event, employers will have the opportunity to hire from a talented pool of Sophomore and Junior Students interested in the following industries: Biotech/Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Econ/Finance/Policy, Arts/Humanities, and Engineering/Tech who are actively searching for summer internship opportunities.

Doctoral Talent for YOUR project

Would you like to work with a doctoral student on a company focused project? Our doctoral students ranging from: economics, political science, computer science, engineering, and many more are ready to share their expertise with you! Projects that work best are typically remote engagements that can be completed in approximately 100 hours. If you’re looking for a fresh set of eyes on a current challenge or want to tackle some of your wish list projects, reach out to the PHutures office today at phutures@jhu.edu to learn more and get connected with our doctoral talent!


Hopkins STEM Career Fair: Hopkins will be hosting a Spring STEM Career Fair IN PERSON on February 23rd. Save The Date on your calendars and be prepared to register in November!

International Career Collective: Are you interested in hiring the most talented international students across the nation? In early February, we will be hosting a career fair as part of the International Career Collective in collaboration with 12+ Universities including USC, University of Chicago, Purdue, and more. Registration will open starting November 1st.

Host an Event with a JHU School

Here are three easy steps to connect:

  1. Log into Handshake – https://jhu.joinhandshake.com/
  2. Select Create an Event > On-campus: My company is hosting this event at a school
  3. Choose JHU as the host school and the name of the career center
By Chloe Donelan
Chloe Donelan