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#1 If there’s recruiting you want to be doing with us in early 2024, we’ve got a lot of “Save the Dates” at the bottom of this email.

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#3. In this month’s blog post, Vibha interviews JHU students and asks them why (or why not) they accepted job offersRead that here.

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Our Team

Emma O’Rourke Powell (Associate Director)

Cris Vidal (Program Lead)

Wondering what makes Gen Z say “YES” to job offers? Dive into our latest blog, where we tap into the minds of Hopkins students to uncover the key factors influencing their decisions. From the importance of positive workplace culture to the necessity of salary transparency, this blog is your guide to understanding and attracting the next generation of top talent.

Doctoral Talent for YOUR project

Would you like to work with a doctoral student on a company-focused project? Our doctoral students in economics, political science, computer science, engineering, and other fields are ready to share their expertise with you!

Projects that work best are typically remote engagements that can be completed in approximately 100 hours.

If you’re looking for a fresh set of eyes on a current challenge or want to tackle some of your wish list projects, reach out to the PHutures office today at phutures@jhu.edu to learn more and get connected with our doctoral talent!

International Career Collective Employer Expo

Are you an employer who is open to OPT/CPT or sponsoring?

Register for the International Career Collective (ICC) Employer Expo for access to the nation’s top talent. With over 100K international students representing 14 schools, including Hopkins, USC, UT Austin, Columbia, UPenn, and more, you are destined to find a student who fits your needs.

  • Who: Employers who recruit international students and are interested in access to over 100,000 students
  • What: A place for you to meet with groups of students, build your brand, and recruit for specific roles. Two different days for undergraduate and advanced degree students. Only group sessions allowed.
  • Where: Hosted virtually on Handshake. You can use your own video link if you prefer. Only group sessions allowed.
  • When: February 9th – Undergraduate Students OR February 16th – Advanced Degree Students

In-person Engineering & Tech Career Fair

Connect with our Whiting School of Engineering undergraduate and master’s students! On February 23rd from 12-4pm, we’re hosting an in-person engineering and tech career fair as part of national E-Week. This is a fantastic opportunity! Register at the following link

Carey Business School Spring 2024 Semester Recruitment begins!

Employers can meet MBA and Master of Science students in

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Risk Management
  • Information Systems
  • Health Care Management and
  • Real Estate

When: January 22 – May 3

How: Hosting information sessions, participating in weekly virtual “Industry Insider” sessions, hosting students on-site or planning a custom engagement.

Contact our team at Carey_Hire@jh.edu to start planning now. 

Keep an eye out for the 2023 MBA Employment Report coming out soon! 

Save the Date!

Hopkins STEM Career Fair

Hopkins will be hosting a Spring STEM Career Fair IN PERSON on February 23rd. Save The Date on your calendars and be prepared to register in November!

Bloomberg School of Public Health 40th Annual Public Health Career Fair

Connect with thousands of public health students in person and virtually.

Friday, March 1st, 2024.

School of Education Passion to Profession Networking Event

Our students are curious about using their passion for education as the foundation for their future career paths.

January 27th, in person at the Imagine Center at Homewood.

Carey Business School Spring 2024 Recruitment

Beginning January 22, 2024 and through May 3, 2024, employers can meet MBA and Master of Science in Finance, Marketing, Business Analytics Risk Management, Information Systems Health Care Management, and Real Estate students. Connect with students by planning information sessions, participating in weekly virtual “Industry Insider” sessions, hosting students on-site, or planning custom engagement. Contact our team at Carey_Hire@jh.edu to start planning now.

Host an Event with a JHU School

Here are three easy steps to connect:

  1. Log into Handshake – https://jhu.joinhandshake.com/
  2. Select Create an Event > On-campus: My company is hosting this event at a school
  3. Choose JHU as the host school and the name of the career center
By Chloe Donelan
Chloe Donelan