Neurodivergence at a Glance

The Inclusive Workplace Series

When considering diversity and inclusion in the workspace, oftentimes our first thoughts are towards racial, gender, or physical disability prejudice or discrimination. It’s easy to get caught up in the physical manifestation of diversity, but one …

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya
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How To Prepare for A Career Fair

Before the Career Fair

The Day of the career Fair

After the Career Fair

By Georges Hatcheu
Georges Hatcheu
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University Experiential Learning Outstanding Achiever/Practitioner Awards

The University Experiential Learning hosted a week full of appreciative events for student employees across JHU partnering with divisional teams to celebrate all student employees for National Student Employee Appreciation Week. The week included a recognition and award ceremony at …

By Arjun Yogaratnam
Arjun Yogaratnam
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I Needed New Glasses and Got a Pair at Clymb

William Hu (Digital Media Marketing Intern and InBaltimore Cohort 2022)

“So, what is Clymb?” It took me a while to figure this out as well. It’s an organization that makes and sells emotional wellness software to school districts throughout America …

By Contributor
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