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ID Badges

Homewood Students working at School of Medicine
Homewood students who work at School of Medicine must have a proper JHMI Identification Badge. To obtain the proper ID Badge, the following steps must be taken.

  1. HIRING DEPARTMENT: Draft a letter to the SOM Registrar’s Office requesting that an ID Badge be issued. The letter MUST include the student’s full name, work location, start date, end date, employee number, and reason for badge.
  2. STUDENT: Take department letter to the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office
  3. REGISTRAR’S OFFICE – Completes an ID Request Form; the student takes the completed form to the JHMI ID Office
  4. JHMI ID OFFICE: Issues the student their badges
Homewood Students working on other JHU campuses
For student jobs located on most other JHU campuses, the J-Card is the only ID you will need. Be sure to keep your J-Card with you at all times and protect it from damage as much as possible.

Work Permits

All students age 17 and under must have a valid work permit on file for the State of Maryland before beginning work. Follow these steps to secure your work permit.


  • Visit www.dllr.state.md.us/labor/wages/empm.shtml
  • Read the instructions and complete the online application for work permit
  • Print the application upon completion
  • You, your parent/legal guardian, and your hiring department (employer) must sign the application
  • Provide the signed copy to your hiring department for their records