So, you didn’t land the interview… Now What? 

We want to first remind you that you are a talented individual and that the DEI Collective is not only about the opportunities to seek out an internship, but it is also about getting and refining your tools to thrive beyond the collective.  

Based on employer feedback, a limit on interview openings, and your applications, we know that: 

  • companies are truly engaged in wanting to hire the talented students of JHU 
  • it’s practically certain that candidates who were not selected for these interviews will go on to other awesome opportunities. Take this student for example. She sent us an email last year after getting turned down by two companies. 

 “Ok thanks, but what do I do now?” – great question- and we are here to help you answer it! 

1. Work on your resume: 

  1. Resume tips from the Life Design Lab 
  2. AI-based resume review tool (free for JHU students!)  

2. Watch some helpful videos 

3. Discover your strengths!

Discover your strengths on LinkedIn Learning: Find career success and perform at your best ( 

We’ve linked to additional opportunities for you to design your summer plans and we hope they’re helpful. This list is by no means comprehensive, so we encourage you to reach out to your life design educator or career office to touch base. 

4. Look into other opportunities coming up: 

  • SMILE (Employment and internships on campus) .

  • Carey 
    • Checkout weekly career event email and handshake for opportunities to RSVP for events  
    • Reconnect with your Carey Career Team through coaching office hours and appointments to help you continue to develop skills.  
    • Any additional questions, please direct to  
  • SAIS 
    • Industries Weeks & Treks  
    • Summer Internship Fund  
    • Keep an eye out for more information from your Office of Global Careers team 

5. Meet with a representative from your school’s life design/career office  

We hope that you continue to use these resources and find a way to have a meaningful summer, whether is it through an internship, shadowing, study abroad, or an experience that you design on your own. 

Remember, you have the resources to do so as you have a tailored resume, you have learned how to seek out opportunities, and you have a story to share as you have shared your DEI story.  

Continue to thrive in being your best self and let us know how we can support you in doing so! 

By Angel Odukoya
Angel Odukoya