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A Lesson in Pivoting 

By Kate Barrett and Stacey Mitchell

Over the past few weeks, we have reflected deeply and fondly on participating in this year’s Washington, DC Career Trek for international studies (IS) majors sponsored by the Life Design Lab and the Program in International …

By Life Design Lab
Life Design Lab
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Nurturing Tech and Entrepreneurial Spirit: An Intersession Trek to the Bay Area 

Intersession Treks are one of Johns Hopkins University’s Life Design Lab’s signature programs. The staff meticulously craft multiple industry-based, immersive, and credit-bearing experiences, recognizing the profound impact of integrating our Life Design curriculum into real-world contexts. In one of these …

By Caitlin Broccoli
Caitlin Broccoli Assistant Director of Life Design: Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Online Education Completion Lags Behind Face-to-Face Instruction

Article Sourced from Inside Higher Ed

The University of Florida’s Institute of Higher Education found students who enroll in exclusively online degree programs were less likely to complete a degree than peers who enrolled in some face-to-face courses. But certain …

By Georges Hatcheu
Georges Hatcheu
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